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Corey Mariani was born in Bridgeville, California, the first town to be sold on eBay. He is a graduate of McKinleyville High School. His short fiction has appeared in Kaleidotrope, Lore, and Lightspeed Magazine. He eats various foods throughout the day and sleeps several hours during the night.

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This short story collection delivers disturbing utopias alongside hope-filled apocalypses, spectacular alien landscapes followed by mind-bending simulations. Characters often must let go of the person they thought they were to overcome sometimes horrific--and always bizarre--obstacles. Mariani examines the merging of humans and machines, and explores, with thoughtfulness and humor, the shifting natures of reality, identity, and consciousness as our species stumbles headfirst toward an inevitable transformation. The collection includes stories originally published in Lightspeed Magazine, Kaleidotrope, and Lore, as well as a new trio of linked stories beginning with Silicon Moon.

Side effects of a supernatural parasite may include the following: dry mouth, fatigue, auditory hallucinations, and the awakening of dormant magical powers likely to attract negative attention from the local secret society.

Charlie Allison is a positive guy—and ambitious. At just twenty-two, he owns his own tour-guide business and his own bus, which he’s exceedingly proud of. He spends his workdays driving tourists around the Pacific Northwest, catering, as of late, to a growing customer base: people with an uncanny interest in an old regional flood. Though Charlie doesn’t understand it, he also doesn’t like to look gift horses in the mouth . . . .

That is until one of them forces him to eat a cheese danish at gunpoint, and he wakes up a day later in a hotel room with a mysterious, crying woman. When they try to go their separate ways, they both experience excruciating pain, which means, according to the strange woman, that they are “bonded” by magic. To break the bond, they must work together to find the antidote.

But in their search, they soon discover that the havoc unleashed on their lives by their new condition is nothing compared to what the kidnappers have planned next.

The secret to defeating the Memoirist lies beyond the cheese danish in the whorl of the sourdough starter.

Charlie is trying to stay positive. But with Kaliah in the clutches of nemesis Kayak Brad, his family on the run from Blanche Duluth and her cronies, and his mom mixed up with his ex-girlfriend, a powerful weaver of metaphor spells, staying positive is nearly impossible.

So he trains—every day—to master the long-forgotten magic of an ancient race, to prepare himself for the final conflict with a cult that would recreate reality in their leader’s image.

But with all of his energy and attention focused on stopping Blanche, he fails to see that mastering the magic of his ancestors is exactly what his enemy wants.

Jerry is an alcoholic widower and a disappointment to his daughter. But that's all part of his job. Although he doesn't know it, he's a surrogate time tourist. And now his company wants him back to harvest his experiences. Transported over five hundred years into the future, Jerry is swept up in a world of corporate spies and Luddite revolutionaries. Struggling to find his way back home, he travels across the country to Washington D.C., where the choices he makes will decide the future of humanity.

Mystery (co-written)

Sometimes when you can't let things go, you wind up surrounded by outlaws, in the heart of an American rainforest, searching for a missing old flame.

Disgraced San Francisco Assistant DA Tim Kitchens has found his next crusade: the missing person case of his old high school sweetheart, last seen five years ago in the King Range, one of the most remote regions in America, and the epicenter of California's illegal marijuana industry.

Obsessed with finding her, Tim travels across the county, from half-abandoned rural towns to marijuana farms deep in the wilderness, encountering violent dope growers, radical environmental activists, and corrupt local officials. He discovers July had several boyfriends in the year leading up to her disappearance.

All of them had reason to hate her. All of them are hiding something. But only one will stop at nothing to keep the truth from getting out.

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